Water pump (repair)

Water pump (repair)

The pool water pump must keep running in good condition in order to provide water circulation and prevent algae from growing. With expert technicians who provide excellent workmanship your pump will be maintained well. At HomeGenie we offer pool maintenance professionals from expert swimming pool maintenance companies in Dubai. This service includes pump evaluation, seal or O ring replacement, new pump installation and clean-up of pump basket. This  service will maintain the effectiveness and strength of the pump in check and help maintain the cleanliness of the water and the pump

AED_iconPrice Details

inspection_iconInspection Based Service:

Standard AED 150 Emergency AED 200 Labor AED 100/hr

Call-out charges

A call-out charge, applicable for inspection based services only, includes 1.5 hours of labor required to visit the location, diagnose the issue, perform minor repairs, if time permits or provide a detailed bill estimate for a major repair.

I_iconService Details

What’s included:

  • Inspection visit to the location
  • Diagnosis of the issue
  • For minor repair – work that can be completed within 1 hour
  • For major repair – bill estimation, agreement on service date and time purchasing parts and completion of work
  • Testing and demo and
  • Post service cleanup


Customer to assist in getting access to community and issue location; and DEWA connection to be active.


what is included in a service.

A typical pool service will first comprise of a visit to the pool to inspect the area and damage. This is followed by a diagnosis of the issue. If the issue is minor, then the work is done on the spot within the hour. For major repair work, a bill estimate and schedule for completing the work is given. An agreement on the time can be made based on mutual availability.
The service also includes testing and demo and a post-service clean-up of the work area.

. What are the charges?

A standard call out charge to inspect a location is for AED 100. If yours is an emergency, then the call out charge is AED 200. A call out charge to a location includes an inspection of the location and a diagnosis of the issue. The charge includes 1.5 hours’ worth of labor. Any minor repair work will be done during this time. For major repair work, a bill of estimate and time required is given. Labor charge for such work is AED 100 per hour.

Pool Maintenance and Repair Services in Dubai, UAEThe swimming pool pump is the most important part of any swimming pool. It is the heart of the filtration and circulation system, that keeps the water running and fresh. Most pool pumps give a long performance, but what happens when the pump breaks down or stops working? While some problems can be fixed by the homeowner, most problems need professional intervention.

The first step is to not facing motor problems is to have a good motor. Normally, pool motors last for around 10 years. If your motor starts screeching or if it isn’t pumping water as well as it should, then it is time to either replace or fix your motor.

Common Pool Pump Problems

The most common pool pump issue is the leaking pump. Pool pumps may leak because of a loose or worn out threading. The threading wears out due to temperature, pressure and other reasons. Water can also leak from a worn out shaft seal. This can usually be identified from a leak behind the seal plate and onto the ground. A leaking pump will reduce the performance of the pump and prevent proper circulation.
The pump is also meant to operate air free. In case of air in pump basket, the pumping efficiency will be reduced. The pump is designed to work in a vacuum. Although this may be caused by a low level of water in the pool, it may also be due to a more serious problem like loose threading screws. The pump has a chance of getting too heated and get burntin case if the flow of water in the pump reduces.

A noisy pump can ruin the fun and is another common pump issue. Pumps begin to make noise when the lubrication between the moving parts has run dry. Although it is easy to fix, this is one of the most dangerous problems to a pump motor. The bearings may become damaged and get heated. If the pump is subjected to a lot of pressure, it might break or start dropping.

If the pump isn’t pumping water correctly, then it might be clogged. It can also signify a broken impeller.
Home genie offers the best solutions to all your pool problems. Having a broken or malfunctioning pool pump can be dangerous. Unclean and unfiltered pool water can spread diseases and cause smells. Whatever be your pool problem, the engineers and pool maintenance experts at Home Genie will be able to solve your swimming pool problems for you.

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