Other or multiple requests

Other or multiple requests

AED_iconPrice Details

inspection_iconInspection Based Service:

Standard AED 0
Emergency AED 0
Labor AED 100/hr

Call-out charges

A call-out charge, applicable for inspection based repair services only, includes travel cost plus 1 hour of labor required to diagnose the issue, perform minor repairs, if time permits or provide a detailed bill estimate for a major repair.

I_iconService Details

What’s included:

  • Call to discuss exact requirement
  • Inspection visit to the location
  • if required, Discuss service options with customer
  • Estimate bill and work start date/ time
  • Complete work and
  • Post service cleanup.


Customer to assist in getting access to community and issue location; and DEWA connection to be active.


what is included in a service.

A typical pool service will first comprise of a visit to the pool to inspect the area and damage. This is followed by a diagnosis of the issue. If the issue is minor, then the work is done on the spot within the hour. For major repair work, a bill estimate and schedule for completing the work is given. An agreement on the time can be made based on mutual availability.
The service also includes testing and demo and a post-service clean-up of the work area.

What are the charges?

A standard call out charge to inspect a location is for AED 100. If yours is an emergency, then the call out charge is AED 200. A call out charge to a location includes an inspection of the location and a diagnosis of the issue. The charge includes 1.5 hours’ worth of labor. Any minor repair work is done during this time. For major repair work, a bill of estimate and time required is given. Labor charge for such work is AED 100 per hour.

Pool Maintenance and Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

A pool can be a respite in the intense summer heat of Dubai. Taking a refreshing dip in the pool can help you relax and wash your worries away. But a malfunctioning pool can ruin the mood. A malfunctioning pool could cause the smell, stop proper water circulation and cause the water to be cold. A pool is a complex equipment to have in your home. Many different components work together to make your pool function well. The failure of even a single component will render your pool useless. In these cases, it is advisable to get professional help to get your pool fixed as soon as possible.

Sometimes, pools may also need frequent maintenance. These include disinfection and cleaning. Disinfecting pool water will not spread diseases and cause smells. However, when disinfecting, if an incorrect quantity is added, then it may cause skin rashes or not kill microorganisms in the first place.

Home Genie offers the best solutions to all your pool problems. Having a broken or malfunctioning pool equipment can be dangerous. Unclean and unfiltered pool water can spread diseases and cause smells. Broken lights can cause electrocution. A leaking pool surface can weaken your pool’s foundation. Whatever be your pool problem, the engineers and pool maintenance experts at Home Genie will be able to solve your swimming pool problems for you.

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