At HomeGenie, we believe in providing fair, transparent and value for money pricing to our Users. As maintenance is an activity which involves a number of variables depending upon location, home type, choice of materials, diagnosis of the issue, etc. we don’t believe in always fixing prices, on the HomeGenie Platform, for the sake of fixing them, using unnecessary assumptions, to cover price risks, thereby making our Users pay more. However, to ensure convenience, we try to provide fixed pricing wherever it’s really possible and for services where it does not undermine our Value for Money principle.

The HomeGenie Platform is setup to provide both fixed price services and inspection based services, where the actual price is determined after an inspection is conducted. By using the HomeGenie Platform you agree that the you have read and understood the following definitions and terms related to the Pricing Policy.


  • Call-out charge A call-out charge is a minimum charge that includes one hour of labor to inspect and diagnose the issue or/and perform minor repairs, if time permits.
  • Labor charges. Charges for labor that is required to complete the service as determined from the inspection and as discussed and agreed with the User through the estimate bill.
  • Material or parts chargesCharges for materials (and consumables) that are required to complete the service as determined from the inspection and as discussed and agreed with the User through the estimate bill.
  • Service Charges. Charges that are calculated for fixed price services and do not include separate labor and material charges. There is a starting price for the fixed price services which is called the Minimum Service Charges or Starts at Price.
  • No Show (by User) charge. If a HomeGenie worker arrives at the location for a service and finds the premises locked with the User not reachable (after calling 3 times in 15 minutes on the User number before and after the booking time), the worker will declare the booking as a No-Show.
  • No Show (by HomeGenie) charge. If a HomeGenie worker does not show up at the User location even after 30 minutes from the scheduled time (without informing the customer by calling and sending a message).
  • Cancellation Charges. Charges applicable on cancellation of services by the User if the cancellation takes place less than 24 hours before the scheduled booking time.
  • Standard working hours.HomeGenie standard working hours are from 8 am to 6 pm Saturday to Thursday. All other timings are considered outside working hours.
  • Payment method. Users can make a payment via cash, cheque or credit/ debit card (using our secure payment gateway set-up up on the HomeGenie Platform).
  • Payment plan. It includes the number of parts the payment will be made. Currently we have payment only UPON COMPLETION of the job, however, in future, these could include Payment (2 parts), Part Payment (3 parts) and Upon Completion.


  • By the User or by HomeGenie Team. In case the User is unable to attend the booking or wants the service at another time he/she can reschedule the service by calling the Genie assigned to the booking and agreeing a mutually agreed day/time. In case this is not achievable, User can either cancel and book again OR call HomeGenie on 04-4489595 for assistance.


  • By the User. A User should cancel a booking by calling HomeGenie or through the mobile app.
    1. For a Next Day Onwards booking, a customer should cancel a booking 24 hours in advance, failing which a cancellation charge of 50% of the call-out charges (inspection based services) or 25% of service charges (fixed price services), whichever is applicable.
    2. For Emergency and Same Day booking, a customer CANNOT cancel a booking, once made. If a customer cannot avail the service at the booking time, a 100% charge (equivalent to a No Show) of the service is applicable.
    3. For Contracts, a cancellation fees of 10% percent of the value of the contract is applicable, along with a 1-month notice requirement.
  • By HomeGenie team. No cancellation of service is possible by the HomeGenie team. A reschedule is however possible upon agreement with the User by calling over a phone.


  • By the UserA no-show charge equivalent to cancellation charge when cancelled less than 24 hours, is applicable.
  • By HomeGenie team. A no-show by the HomeGenie team will lead to a compensation of AED 50 to the User, in the form of a HomeGenie service, with the booking being rescheduled to another date/ time as mutually agreed. The applicable compensation will be released in 7 working days, after an internal investigation.


  • By Cash Cash payments are allowed on the HomeGenie platform.
  • By Debit or Credit Card Card payments are allowed on the HomeGenie platform.
  • By Account Transfer Bank transfers are accepted. Please request for a HomeGenie bank account details for the same.
  • By Cheque. Cheque payments are only accepted in very extreme cases and only when the estimate bill is at least AED 2500. It is referred to as Cash payment in the system currently. A charge of 2% may be levied as cheque handling fees.


  • Upon completion of a scheduled service, if the materials installed or supplied by HomeGenie breaks down or has other technical/ mechanical or any workmanship issues, within 7 calendar days of the service, there will be a one-time free visit to fix the issue.
  • If, however, the mechanical or technical issue persists after the repair again within 7 calendar days, the User may ask for a full refund (not exceeding the value of the applicable service). An investigation will be initiated for such an issue to achieve a mutually agreeable position.
  • All refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.


  • A PROMOCODE is associated with promotional discount or offers. A promotional code (or PROMOCODE) provided by the HomeGenie team which may be redeemed through the HomeGenie Platform while making a service booking.