Bed Bug spray treatment

Bed bugs are small wingless insects that usually survive and multiply in damp & cool conditions. Our service includes thorough bed bugs removal treatments that target areas such as beds, mattresses, sofas, linens, quilts, etc. At HomeGenie we offer professional pest control services that eradicates bed bugs permanently. This service will increase the lifespan of your mattress and protect your family from bug bites and diseases.


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Bed bug fumigation works that can be completed using standard equipment and materials
  • Pest control professionals will depart from premises upon completion of booked service


- Dubai Municipality approved chemicals cost included - Customer to vacate premises during treatment and for 4 hours after treatment - Customer to move items from corners, inaccessible areas before start of treatment

Price Details

Fixed Price Service

  • First Unit AED 100


Is bed bug fumigation safe?

Bed Bug fumigation is safe. Fumigation is all about pumping an inorganic gas called sulfuryl fluoride in enclosed and cluttered spaces. This inorganic gas is non toxic and Sulfuryl fluoride kills the bed bugs and their eggs by causing suffocation. Treatment duration is anywhere between 9 hours to 48 hours. Rooms, furniture, cubicles, utensils, clothes and cupboards will be exposed to this inorganic gas while the treatment is being done.

The best thing about our treatment is that you need not wash or clean any of the aforementioned things as fumigation leaves zero residues. Also, fumigation is 100% safe for electrical equipment. Our instructors and service team shall test the air with sensitive gas monitoring equipment. Once they confirm that it is safe to enter the room or premise, you can re-enter and carry your work. Your home becomes greener every day.

Can I do bedbug fumigation myself?

It is strictly advised NOT do fumigation by yourself. Bedbug fumigants are only made available to certified, trained and licensed pest control professionals who check the enclosure and decide the type of fumigation to be done- structural, vehicular, container, etc. Moreover, they also estimate the amount of fumigant to be used. During the process of fumigation, it is important to record treatment times. Also, only certified professionals have the ability to determine the type of fumigant to be used. Thus, we recommend you to hire a professional service unit.

Do fumigants cause corrosion?

Fumigants are in the gaseous state. They seldom react with any metal or material. As a result, it is highly unlikely that they damage or corrode structures.

About Bed bugs

Bed bugs are known to cause a great deal of inconvenience. Admittedly, these parasitic insects live solely on the blood of humans and animals. While bed bugs do not transmit diseases, they can deeply disturb you with their presence. If your cubbyholes and racks are grubby, bed bugs start multiplying in number. They may soon destroy your precious furniture and take refuge in mattresses, bed frames, and crevices. Their deplorable presence can be handled by using disinfectants and sprays. However, this is a temporary solution, and in a few days, bed bugs return and multiply in cool conditions.

To have effective results, it is recommended to keep your cubicles, lockers, racks and cubbyholes clean. Your luggage bags should be washed and dried. Bedsheets and mattresses should be washed. Cleanliness is the hallmark of a pristine home.

Pest Control Services in Dubai, UAE

The moment bed bugs enter your home, they commence an invasion. Initially, home remedies and sprays may eliminate them, but if the pest has already laid eggs or have hid in the closets which cannot be reached, it will be difficult to get rid of them completely. Bed bugs are a hazard to your health and can cause damage to furniture<br/>We provide a general fumigation service which provides gives a long lasting results against common types of bed bugs in the UAE.

How do we work?

Our professional first analyses the type of bed bug and the area where fumigation is needed. The standard fumigation will be done and the bill estimate will be discussed with you based on the amount of product/ chemical which will be used plus labour which will be required for getting the fumigation task done. All chemicals used in your homes are approved by The Dubai Municipality.<br/>If you have pets and small children at home, please be very specific in giving every detail to the professional when he comes for the inspection so that special measures may be taken where required.

Why choose us?

The products we use are specific to treat bed bugs and are harmless to humans and most pets but still you will be advised to cover food and plastic toys or other items to avoid any allergy after the treatment.<br/>To have an extended effect from the treatment, you should maintain the hygiene in your home and nearby places. If you see the bed bugs recurring at home after a week of fumigation, call us immediately and we will address the problem free of cost.

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