Ants treatment


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Ants granule treatment works that can be completed using basic tools
  • Pest control professionals will depart from premises upon completion of booked service


- Dubai Municipality approved chemicals cost included - Customer to vacate premises during treatment and for 4 hours after treatment - Customer to move items from corners, inaccessible areas before start of treatment - Service professional will inform the customer of any additional labor required over the fixed price

Price Details

Fixed Price Service

  • First Unit AED 100


What precautions are to be taken to avoid ants entering the home?

Most pests infest due to an unclean environment. Make sure that no crumbs are left in the sinks or any corner of the home which acts as a feast to the ants. Also when you get plants check if they are infected by any pest. Do not have trees or shrubs touching home windows as they can be a source of direct entry. Seal the openings of the electric wiring and plumbing for prevention. Always clean the kitchen after cooking, because any trail of food or liquid will invite the ants.

What needs to be done during pest control treatment?

The products we use are organic and biodegradable, making it safe for human and pets. Yet it is important to be preventive. When the treatment is done, avoid children or pets around that area. Also keep all the food items in airtight boxes to avoid any kind of substance or ant entering and spoiling it. Also when the professional comes to inspect be very clear in him them about the pets you have especially if you have fish ponds. Also till the material sprayed is not dried, take care that it is not touched. If you get in contact with it, wash it with soap and water.

Pest Control Services in Dubai, UAE

Ants have peak seasons to get inside the homes. There are various species of ants which can infest your area. They are the known and the most dangerous pest of contamination and causing various diseases in human populations and pets. Recently, ant infestations have become a huge concern in Dubai. We can assist you in eradicating the ant population out of your homes and gardens permanently by our granule treatment.<br/>Ants are a huge nuisance when they start multiplying in homes. With simple sprays, you can kill what number you see, but the hidden ones just appear from cracks, sometimes the plastic appliances or the small openings of the walls near the switchboards where they reside and keep laying eggs. Once the infestation starts, it becomes a huge problem to control them.

How do we work?

Ants have a lot of species, our professionals examines and then select a product to be used against them. The granule treatment is easy to manage and also takes care of your wooden belongings or furniture. The only requisite is to water the granules properly and spreading it wisely to have its effect on every single egg and ant. We offer both outdoor and indoor pest management services.

Why choose us?

The moment you contact us we prioritize your work. Our company sends the professional to inspect the area and diagnose which kind of treatment or the product should be used. The choice of the product is very crucial to eliminate the pest completely. Finally, you will get absolute clarity on how much labor and material will be needed. The estimation of the bill also will be discussed with you. Once you decide on a date, we start the work accordingly. Depending on whether it is an outdoor or indoor service the material availability also will be checked. Once the treatment is in the process, the granules will be well distributed, especially in the hidden area of ants. Granules are then watered, or rain depending on the product used and allows the chemical to activate and work on the pest.<br/>If you need a long lasting and deep reach effect we provide you with services that eradicates the entire mound of ants at one go and avoid recurring of their infestations.

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