Water tank cleaning (underground)

Ever noticed small insects or worms or discoloration in the water coming out from your tap or shower? It might be a direct result of water contaminations, algae deposits, insect or worm infestation in the water tank, amongst others. Book a water tank cleaning service in Dubai using HomeGenie and allow the expert cleaning services professionals to sanitise, disinfect and clean the water tank to eliminate the highlighted issues.


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Empty the water tank with a suction mechanism
  • Lowering cleaning staff inside the tank
  • Jet washing of the tank to loosen stubborn sticky, contamination e.g. algae
  • Vacuum cleaning to remove the loosened contamination
  • Dubai municipality approved disinfectant spray and UV lamp germ remediation
  • Testing water connections and pressure; and
  • Post service cleaning.


  • External cleaning of tank or surrounding area is not included
  • Repair of tank is not included in the fixed price
  • Customer to assist in getting access to community and tank location
  • Additional scope and cost will be discussed and agreed with customer before starting work; and
  • DEWA connection to be active.

Price Details

Fixed Price Service:

  • Less than 4000 Litres AED 500
  • Less than 8000 Litres AED 1000
  • Less than 12000 Litres AED 1500

FAQs on Water Tank Cleaning (Underground) Services

How long does a tank cleaning process take?

The tank cleaning process can take anywhere from a few hours to a day depending on the size of the tank. Home Genie’s professionals are well equipped to deal with any tank issues and tank of all sizes. Our services ensure that your tank is sanitised, disinfected and cleaned to eliminate any problem that your tank might have. We ensure that your family is safe from any water related problems. Depending on the size of the tank, the price of the cleaning service may vary.

What is included in the service?

The tank cleaning service includes emptying of the tank, and cleaning it using pressurised jets and UV radiation to clean germs. The use of chemicals is limited to ensure that no harm comes to you or your family. We also take the least possible time to make sure that your family faces the least problems during the cleaning process. However, our services do not include cleaning of the outside of the tank.

Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE

While we all purify our drinking water, very rarely do we think of treating and cleaning our underground water tanks. When water first comes in, it gets stored in an underground tank and is then pumped to the top of the building. Being underground, these tanks are prone to fungi, insect and even worm infestations. These are usually spotted when insects come out through the water or when there is a discoloration in the water. Treating these infestations quickly ensures that your water is safe and decreases the chance of spread of diseases.

Common reasons for dirty tanks

The spread of infections takes place mostly due to the location of the tank. Sometimes it can also be due to the quality of water supplied. Water, with a lot of iron in it can corrode your tank, making it more susceptible to bacterial and fungal growth. If the total dissolved solids in the water is high, then chances of sedimentary accumulation also increase. Hard water also tends to erode tank material. These sediments get detached and come out through your tap. Using such water is highly risky as it holds greater possibility of spreading diseases. Tank cleaning is very important and should be done at least once a year.

What is the process of cleaning a water tank?

Cleaning a water tank, especially when it is underground can be a very challenging task. In the first place, the tank might be very hard to get to. Therefore, the first step is to find a good way to get to the tank and make a big access point to the inside for easy cleaning. Once that is done, the area surrounding the tank and the top of the tank is cleaned. To ensure that no infestations occur due to dirty tools, the tools used for the cleaning process are first disinfected. Then, the inside of a tank is drained using a drain pump. Once all the water and sludge, if any, is removed, the inside cleaning process is started. Manual scrubbing is done to remove the dirt’s, sediments and fungi. This is followed by a high-pressure jet wash and then vacuum cleaning to remove the sludge. The inside of the tank is then disinfected and sprayed with anti-bacterial chemicals. The tank is then filled with water that is made to run through the taps to disinfect the pipes. Once the tank is completely drained and dried, the tank is cleaned and ready to be used again.

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