Upholstery cleaning

Sofas get dirty and stained very easily especially if you have pets. Our services partners know about all types of upholstery materials and can easily restore the shine and look of your sofas. This service covers the shampooing and cleaning of every seat in addition to vacuuming the upholstery. At HomeGenie we offer excellent sofa cleaning services and our professionals are from expert cleaning companies in Dubai. It will make your sofas free of germs and safe to enjoy as well as get back their original color, appearance and texture.


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Use of special machine providing the shampooing, sterilizing with perfuming; and
  • Post service cleaning.


  • For non standard sizes (i.e. more than 1 m width), there will be an additional charge. Customer to assist in getting access to community and issue location; and DEWA connection to be active

Price Details

Fixed Price Service

  • First Unit AED 100
  • **Emergency and Friday charges are additional, wherever applicable.

FAQs on Sofa upholstery cleaning Services

Is there anything we should be preparing for the service before the professionals arrive?

For better cleaning, it is necessary that the people do not get any hindrance. Make sure that the clutter is away from the area of cleaning and the sofas are moved away from the walls to avoid the walls from getting watered. Also, it is preferable to place the sofa where there is ample light available. Since there can be blemishes and faint stains, having to work in low light might cause to have them missed. The path around the furniture should be clear for the cleaners to have easy access. Also, kindly have pets, if any to stay from cleaning area to prevent the sofa from getting soiled again. Also during the service we expect the customer to give us water and electric supply.

How long will it take for the sofa to dry after the service and when can we use it again?

Normally, it takes up to six hours after the cleaning process for the sofa to dry completely. For precautions, it is advised not to use the sofa for a minimum of six hours after it has been cleaned and not use it until it dries completely. Our professionals while working, will inform you about the duration you should not use the sofa after the servicing. For some sofa sets, the time may be less. The drying time usually depends upon the size and material of the sofa. Larger sofa sets with a lot of foam usually take longer to dry completely.

Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE

If you have pets or kids at home and your most of the time at home is spent running behind them, a lot of dust is spread in and around the home. With carpets at home, your furniture and the sofas become highly prone to attack of germs, pollen grains and dust. But these small things cannot make your sofa age too fast. Proper cleaning of the sofas will eradicate all the germs making it safe for the people at home. Keeping the sofa sets maintained is healthy and also increases the age of the furniture.<br/>We are the service providers of sofa upholstery cleaning in UAE. We have special machines which take care of the dust and germs, making your sofa safe to use. We also make sure that the original colour of the sofa is retained through our washing services.

What do we offer you?

Our services include the following:<br/>Removal of all kinds of stains and spots in the sofa covers, mattresses or cushions.<br/>Shampooing every seat and cushions with the chemicals suited to the fabric of the sofa.<br/>Vacuuming to dry out after the cleaning is done<br/>We sanitize the upholstery to make sure all pollen, dust, germs and bacteria are removed for you to have a healthy and safe sofa for your guests and family.<br/>Furniture might smell foul due to many things having been absorbed by them which we make sure is eliminated using special anti-odour spray.<br/><br/>fter the service, a post service clean up is also provided by our company for you to just relax and not worry about the mess.<br/>All the cleaners hired through us are professionals and are trained to provide you the best services in the industry. They work on all kinds of furniture including bed and mattresses. The entire cleaning work takes up to three hours. It is advised during the cleaning process, no one touches the sofa. Also, unless informed by our workers, avoid using the sofa. This will prevent sofa from any re soiling or hard stain.<br/>Book an appointment now, and get back the original colour and shine of your sofa set and health to your living place.

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