Other custom job e.g. post-construction cleaning in Dubai and UAE


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Call to discuss exact requirement,
  • Inspection visit to the location, if required,
  • Discuss service options with customer,
  • Estimate bill and work start date/ time,
  • Complete work; and
  • Post service cleanup.


- Customer to assist in getting access, to community and issue location; and - DEWA connection to be active.

Price Details

Survey Based Services:

  • Survey charges AED 0


What is the calling out charges, if any?

Our call out charges are applicable only on the services which have the requirement of inspection. It will cost you one hour of labour in which the minor works can be done if time allows or the bill estimate if it was provided during the inspection and the cost of travel to your place.

We are very concerned about the chemicals being used. Also we need specific things to be cleaned which are not mentioned on your website. What should I do?

We are the service providers, who offer customized cleaning. If you have any special query you can contact us and we will try our level best to incorporate it. Also we’ll take care of your home just like you do and use the chemicals in accordance to the fabric and the location. For any concerns regarding any chemical, do not hesitate in asking the concerned person. In case you need any particular chemical to be used or you need the customization there too, we will happily do that. We believe in complete satisfaction of our customers.

Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE

Cleanliness is next to godliness! But more than often, we find that there is hardly any home which is very clean. The biggest reason behind this happening is hardly any time to get that perfect ordered and clean homes as all members work nowadays. Most of our weekends are spent cleaning and we’re unable to relax. Homegenie solves all the problems for you and makes your home exactly the way you want it to be – neat and clean.<br/>We provide a wide range of cleaning services all over UAE. Our cleaners are well trained professionals, expert at carrying out every kind of cleaning work you might need for your homes. All you need to do is send us a query through a call or an e-mail. Our professional will visit your place to check for any major work and will inspect the location. You may then decide on the best working day suitable for you and discuss the bill estimate. Since our cleaners are always in high demand, all of our cleaners may not be available simultaneously and we need to schedule the appointments accordingly. Our representative will guide you through such a situation, if it arises.

Following are the services we offer for cleaning purposes:

Deep cleaning (by rooms): Based on your requirements, it will include cleaning of wardrobes, appliances, fixtures, washrooms, kitchen, cobweb removal, scrubbing of the floors etc. Outdoors grills and pressure wash may also be included.<br/>Water tank cleaning (underground): Cleaning of the water tank – will include washing, sanitizing and disinfecting procedures.<br/>Sofa upholstery cleaning: Includes cleaning, odour removal, and chemical treatment if necessary. Different methods are used to treat different types of materials. Depends upon the type of sofa set.<br/>General cleaning: The service will include mopping of the floors, cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen cabinets, dusting and clean up of windows, blinds, wall fixtures etc. General cleaning may be charged per hour and/or by the volume of work required at your place.<br/>Window and curtain cleaning: we offer services for keeping your curtains and windows stain and dust free.<br/>Villa facade washing: We offer customized cleaning services for outdoors to ensure no damage occurring from our side. We clean driveways, patios and walkways with proper care and aesthetics.<br/>Carpet cleaning: We offer Vacuuming and shampooing of your carpets with our best cleaning gadgets to make sure that your carpets do not carry any dust or germs.

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