General cleaning (by size)

The move-in cleaning service is similar to deep cleaning, designed to help you settle into your new space with absolute ease and comfort. It includes refreshing the entire apartment, by thoroughly scrubbing the floors, external cleaning of wardrobes, small fittings and fixtures and steam cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. A well-maintained home, left in good condition always makes it easier to get back your security deposit. Move-out cleaning service includes a thorough window cleaning, blinds, fans, lights, wall fixtures, external cleaning of kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, mopping of floors, removal of cobwebs and non-steam cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms. At HomeGenie we offer excellent cleaning services and our professionals are from expert cleaning companies in Dubai.


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Dusting all the surfaces in the rooms
  • Mopping and vacuuming of the floor
  • Arranging the bed
  • Cleaning the toilets and balconies (standard size)
  • Cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes
  • Moving the furnitures and cleaning behind it and
  • Removing things inside the cabinets and cupboards clean and arranging it


External cleaning in villa is not included, Customer to assist in getting access to community and issue location; and DEWA connection to be active.

Price Details

Fixed Price Services:

  • First unit AED 100
  • Rest unit AED 100
  • Villa additional AED 50


During the time of the service am I expected to be around and take care of the supplies which will be needed by the service men?

We understand that you will be having a lot of works to be catered and hence during the service time it is absolutely not necessary for you to be around. Also, our cleaners come with their own supplies and equipment as this is the part of our service. Hence there is no need of worrying about getting and giving the supplies to them. If at all there is any specific kind of cleaning supply you want to give, make sure you have the query cleared while booking.

I have two pets at home. Also, there are pet houses been made outside the house which requires cleaning. Are there any specific services for it?

If you have pets at home, you will be recommended to keep them outside the home till the entire cleaning session is over. Our service people keep the sanitary standard rules while cleaning your home. This will not include cleaning the excreta of the animals. With the pets around, the cleaning process will become difficult. The pet houses would be outside your villa. We do not provide any cleaning service outside the villas or in the pet homes. If you need to add any special kind of service, mention it while booking the service to avoid any disappointment. Being clear, will give you the correct idea of the cost of the services and also it will be clear to our professionals about the extra work they are expected to perform at your location.

Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE

Moving in or moving out indeed is a huge task. You have many works to cater like shifting of the household things, admissions, getting the document aligned up for various works, etc. With all this, if cleaning the apartment/ home comes up, it gives you stress. After all, a clean house will either help you in selling your apartment or staying there in a hygienic manner.<br/>Now leave all your tensions and download the mobile application of our company. We will take care of every type of cleaning. We are known best in the industry in the entire UAE.<br/>All you have to do is just book the service you need from our mobile application. Also, mention the date and time as per your convenience. Everything else will be taken care by our cleaning hands.

What do we offer?

We give you professional, excellent cleaning service leaving your home sparkling and spotless. Our cleaners are all professionals and have undergone training in cleaning processes. Also, we keep screening tests before hiring any cleaner so that you do not get any complaints or inconvenience through us. Our deep cleaning services include:<br/>Dusting and scrubbing of the floors<br/>Cleaning the small fixtures of bathrooms and kitchen (steam cleaning of these areas is also included)<br/>Cleaning of kitchen cabinets and wardrobes<br/>Blinds, lights, fan, wall fixtures and window cleaning<br/>Removal of cobwebs<br/>Depending on whether you are moving in or moving out and what are the needs of the home, the above-mentioned services are performed. We are best in the whole of Dubai to provide budget-friendly cleaning services. For the villas, external cleaning is not included in the deep cleaning package. While booking if you have any query, it is assisted by our professionals. We understand that whether you are shifting in or out, the premises needs to be clean to avoid any kind of property loss or infections through the mess.

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