Curtain cleaning

Over a period of time even with careful use, curtains get dirty and require cleaning services. Even if the curtains look clean physically, it is advisable to get regular cleaning done at least once every 6 months to ensure a better hygiene and keep your home dust free. At HomeGenie we offer curtain cleaning services in Dubai, as per your convenience and our expert professionals will ensure that the cleaning service is delivered with utmost care, taking care of each curtain panel. The curtain service cleaning helps in getting rid of stains, dust and restoring the aesthetic look of your curtains.


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Use of special machine providing the shampooing, sterilizing with perfuming; and
  • Post service cleaning.


- Standard panel size is about 1 m wide - For non standard sizes (i.e. more than 1 m width), extra charges apply - Customer to assist in getting access to community and issue location; and - DEWA connection to be active

Price Details

Fixed Price Service

  • First Unit AED 0.75
  • **Emergency and Friday charges are additional, wherever applicable.

FAQs, Curtain cleaning Services

I need a curtain cleaning service for my bedrooms and living area curtains. The living area curtains are far bigger than the bedrooms one. What will be the cost? Will the cost vary?

We consider 1 m length as a standard size. When we count a unit, we consider 1 m as a single unit. All pricing is calculated keeping that as the basis. For larger curtains, the cost be more. It is difficult to quantify the actual pricing for your service requirements without taking a look. We need to visit and understand the actual length, the kind of fabric, the repairing works required etc. After the visit we’ll provide an estimation. We never overcharge our customers.

Where can we get the services from Homegenie?

Our services are available all over UAE. You can install the Homegenie App to connect with us. All services accessible at your fingertips. You may book an advance appointment through the app or call us for any queries. We’ll get in touch with you.

Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE

Curtains are an integral part of every home. They beautify your home, specifically the doors and windows. Every space of your home with curtains, add value and make the area lively. At the same time when they become faded or stained, they make your space look very untidy. Curtains are prone to dust and germs breeding which we cannot see. However, it does affect your surroundings. Your home space becomes unhealthy and can invite various possible infections. Sometimes you might find some odour coming out from it.<br/>That’s the time you decide for a necessary change of curtains. But there is cost effective solution to it and this is Curtain Cleaning. Curtain cleaning is such a simple solution to all most of your curtain related challenges. Cleaning not only makes your curtain dust free, stain free and sanitized, but also gives the freshness to the fabric. Get your curtains cleaned every six months. This will ensure the longevity and inherent shine of your curtains.<br/>Homegenie brings Curtain Cleaning Services to you. Our services are available all over UAE

What do we offer:

Homegenie team members are professionals who provide Curtain Cleaning Services to our valued customers. This skill specific service offers you Vacuum Cleaning, Machine Wash, Dry Wash, Shampooing, Sterilizing, Deodorizing or Perfuming etc. We also offer Drapery cleaning. Our services are subject to the kind of requirement. Whatever be the size of your curtain, we do it all. You might have premium quality fabric which needs extra care and specific cleaning. We do that too. You will find our cleaning services effective, gentle and safe for your fabric. The Curtain Cleaning at Homegenie focuses towards the restoration of the aesthetics of your curtains. The services are very much need specific. Give us a call to understand your requirement. Based on this, our expert will give you an estimation as well as an estimated time for the completion of the work. There is a modest visiting charge for the first visit. You can get your minor work done on this visit which can be finished within 1.5 hours. Call us for a visit. We offer our services all over UAE. We request our customers to guide us with your community accesses and provide necessary location issuances of their area if any.

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