Carpet cleaning in Dubai and UAE

Carpets add to the character and functionality of your home. But they are the breeding grounds for germs, dust and dirt. You can always rely on the servicepartner booked through HomeGenie to effectively vacuum and shampoo the carpet surface with the best cleaning gadgets and products. At HomeGenie we offer excellent carpet cleaning services and our professionals are from expert cleaning companies in Dubai. The service helps in getting rid of stains, discoloration, dust and restoring the soft feel of your carpet fabric.


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Use of special machine providing the shampooing, sterilizing with perfuming; and
  • Post service cleaning.


- Customer to assist in getting access to community and issue location; and - DEWA connection to be active

Price Details

Fixed Price Services:

  • Minimum* service charges of AED 10
  • Additional charge of AED 50 per extra 30 mins.
  • *Minimum service charges include 30 mins of travel time and 1 hour of labor.

FAQs, Carpet cleaning Services

Does the Carpet Improvement Services include Sofa cleaning? My Sofa has got stains and looks faded.

The Carpet improvement Services includes all Carpets and Rugs. Homegenie does have Sofa cleaning services for its customers. All fabric carpets fall under the Homegenie carpet cleaning category. Even if the carpet is not made of fabric, we’ll still clean it, just under some other category. In such a case, charges might differ slightly. Whatever be the material of your carpet we offer a complete cleaning, sanitizing and improvement solutions for your home.

What are the options available to book your services?

Apart from normal calling, you can use Homegenie app for booking a visit. Cleaning services on HomeGenie mobile app show all ranges of services from routine cleanup, to sanitizing your rugs and carpets, mattresses, sofas etc. It includes a thorough cleanup at the time of moving in or out.

All cleanup services on HomeGenie mobile app need to be scheduled beforehand. This ensures the visit of expert cleaners at your convenient time. Thus they can plan their visit with required specific cleaning equipment and accessories. If your work, come out to be longer than 1.5-hour service the estimate is given for your next convenient timings.

Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE

Carpets add texture and color to the used area. They enhance the interiors of your home. Carpets are even helpful to insulate you from cold floors and provide a secure, non-slip surface that helps in padding and protects from falls. They make your daily routine much easier and hassle free. However, at the same time of being extremely helpful, they’re a breeding ground for germs, mud, and dirt. Carpets if left uncleaned invite possible disease and infections. Keeping carpets clean is an extremely important chore that cannot be missed. It’s very important for you to maintain your carpets on a regular basis. As other flooring options, these require the same level of care and maintenance. This includes the maintenance of their hygiene also. You might have noticed some stains and faded color on your carpet giving a rather dull look to your home. You can easily detect the loss of freshness. Having your carpet cleaned is the solution to it. A professional assistance is required to get a complete carpet improvement service.<br/>Homegenie offers you professional Carpet cleaning services all over UAE. You can call us to fix an appointment to understand your requirements.

What do we Offer:

At HomeGenie we provide wonderful carpet care services. Our team members are complete professionals with skilful expertise. Our professional servicemen are capable of eliminating stains, discoloration, mud and restoring the soft feel of your carpet fabric. We use specialized machines and tools for cleaning and washing. We do vacuum cleaning, shampooing, proper sanitizing of carpets of all types. We take perfuming also very seriously and do that too. It makes your carpets fragrant. The service lets your carpet breathe again. Its freshness makes your area cozy and relaxed. At Homegenie, we ensure the best services at reasonable pricing. Our workmen will visit your place first and provide you an estimate of the cost. A modest visit charge is applicable to the first 1.5 hours of labor which includes the inspection, and minor repairing if required. We request you to assist our men in accessing to your community and providing necessary location issuances if any. Even the post service cleaning is available for you. Make a call and feel the service experience.<br/>Homegenie is dedicated to serving you the best all over UAE. Book your appointment to get your carpet improvement services done.

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