Cleaning Services in Dubai and UAE



Do I need to provide cleaning materials and equipment?

Based on your requirement a cleaner or a team will arrive, fully-equipped for the scheduled service. All of HomeGenie’s service partners usually provide cleaning equipment and material for all types of upholstery, sofas, carpets and mattresses. The service type can be chosen as desired ie. WITH materials or WITHOUT materials.

How can I book a cleaning service for a specific time?

You can log onto HomeGenie App to make a booking by providing basic information like number of cleaners, total hours, location details and schedule. Alternatively you can also BOOK a service by calling our Call Center OR on our website

Do I need to be home for cleaning?

Our cleaners are reliable and can take care of the work with minimal supervision. We however recommend someone to be home, as any specific requirements and doubts can be clarified and acted upon immediately. This also eliminates any possible doubts about the efficacy of the completed job.

What should I do before a cleaning service?

It’s highly recommended to keep cleaning areas free of any clothes, toys or other unwanted items that may hinder the process. We aim to deliver a professional and timely competent service to our customers, hence a minor preparation before the team’s arrival can help the cleaners to focus and deliver an excellent value for every minute spent.

How long will the cleaning process take?

The total time taken is either as per the booking made by the customer or, in case of an open booking, the time taken depends on the cleaning needs at the apartment or villa. For a standard cleaning process, at least 3 hours are needed (single cleaner). For more detailed processes like deep cleaning, grout whitening, steam cleaning, etc. a detailed inspected and prior agreement is required.

How many cleaners will come to my place?

For a basic cleaning service, usually one or two cleaners are sufficient. For more detailed processes like deep cleaning, grout whitening, steam cleaning, etc., relevant trained cleaners are allocated as per the cleaning requirements of the apartment or villa.

Are the cleaners professionally trained?

All cleaners visiting your property are well trained with the know-how of materials and equipments to be used. Cleaners will be educated in terms of the proper cleaning methods that they should be using all around a property. We lay special emphasis in ensuring that the staff visiting a customer premised is tidy, pleasing and well behaved to ensure a satisfactory experience for the customers.

What are the cleaning services managed inside a kitchen?

Cleaning services in Dubai will help you with cleaning all sorts of kitchen appliances. Worktops, countertops and sink area is well covered. We also clean large appliances like washer, dryer,k built-in oven or microwave, kitchen exhaust hood, etc. Customers can specify details while making the booking and the cleaners will arrange for specific cleaning materials to take care of the request.

How will a bathroom be cleaned?

The cleaning professional will clean all sorts of surfaces in your bathroom. They will clean the sink, mirror, toilet, drain and tub among other things. The floor is also wiped and cleaned with relevant materials. Customers can also request getting the shower curtain cleaned if necessary and within the allotted time.

What can be used to clean off soft surfaces?

The cleaning professionals ensure using relevant materials and equipments as per the surface. A vacuum cleaner may be used on a traditional carpet while a more sensitive hand vacuum on a rug. A brush is added onto the vacuum as needed and for more sensitive surfaces like sofa or any other leather surface, a softer cleaning attachment is used.

How will I be charged for the cleaning service?

You will typically be charged based on the number of rooms and the type of cleaning requested. The service type can be chosen as desired ie. WITH materials or WITHOUT materials. The total quotation will depend on multiple factors like floor space, condition of the surfaces to be cleaned, size of the apartment or villa, etc. HomeGenie team provides an accurate estimate of the charges to be incurred based on the specific requirements highlighted by the customer

Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE

Cleaning services in Dubai can now be accessed on your fingertips through the HomeGenie’s mobile App. It’s a homeowner’s dream to stay in absolutely spick and span surroundings. A clean home is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has excellent health benefits owing to better hygiene all around.<br/>Cleaning services on HomeGenie mobile app cover everything from routine cleaning to sanitising your carpets, mattresses, sofas as well as thorough cleaning when you decide to move in or out of an apartment. All cleaning services on HomeGenie mobile app need to be scheduled in advance through the HomeGenie mobile App to check for the availability of the cleaners on your convenient time.<br/>Few cleaning services require an inspection, to provide you with a more accurate time and cost estimate. Alternatively you can also BOOK a service by calling our Call Center OR on our website

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