Movable furniture (basic repair)

Over an extended period of time the movable furniture undergoes normal wear & tear and requires basic repair in order to ensure a longer stable lifetime. Book a professional carpentry service in Dubai which includes basic repair of movable furniture with utmost care. We also offer wooden furniture polishing which effectively renovates the look of the furniture and aesthetics of your home.


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Inspection visit to the location,
  • Diagnosis of the issue,
  • For minor repair – work that can be completed within 1 hour,
  • For major repair – bill estimation, agreement on service date and time, purchasing parts and completion of work,
  • Testing and demo; and
  • Post service cleanup


Customer to assist in getting access to community and service location; and DEWA connection to be active.Material costs, if any, are separate.

Price Details

Fixed Price Services:

  • The selected service is a fixed price service.

Inspection Based Service:

  • This issue o rservice requires us to visit your location inspect and diagnose the issue or to understand your requirements better before we could provide you with an estimate

Call-out charges Standard AED 150

  • A call-out charge, applicable for inspection based services only, includes 1.5 hours of labor required to visit the location, diagnose the issue, perform minor repairs, if time permits or


Does the Homegenie do wooden work only or some other kind of materials as well? I have an Aluminium door. Its latch got unlocked?

The Homegenie people have expertise in fixing up any kind of doors and latches. We have a team of skilled professionals. We not only do wooden work but also fix aluminum doors and its required repairing. We even repair and replace the door lock, door handle, gazebo, fly screen, deck flooring, fencing and likewise. If you have any confusion related to the services, feel free to call and ask. We will be happy to help you.

I have a Board Shelf to fix on the wall. This needs installation first. Do the Homegenie services include installation?

Our services include all major and minor installations. The time and work can be estimated after the diagnosis only. For this, you call us and get an estimation for your kind of requirement. Usually, the wooden Board Shelves don’t take much time. It can be assembled and installed then and there only. However, there are chances for highly skilled installation. In such cases, the work might be a bit more time taking. Also, some specifics tools might be needed. This can be assured only after the visit of our expert. He will finish the work at the time of visiting itself if it can be done in an hour. Otherwise, will take your approval for pricing and your timing to get the work done at your convenience.

Carpentry Services in Dubai, UAE

Finding the right carpenter who can provide repair or installation service for your doors, windows or cabinets is very important as any damage done by an inexperienced professional may lead to additional costs. At HomeGenie we offer carpentry services for both Installation and Repair of wooden/aluminium door, fence or window, pergola or gazebo, wooden parquet or deck flooring, cabinet and cupboard, fly screen and door lock or handle, and many moreFurniture makes your home beautiful. The interiors of your living space become lively with well maintained and shiny furniture. You may keep changing the place of your sofas, tables, chairs, etc. to give a fresh look to your room. However, to ensure the great appearance of your home, you have to maintain your movable furniture always. Wooden furniture needs a regular cleaning and polishing. There are chances of some tearing and fading. Look at your furniture you may find some fixation requirements there.<br/>At Homegenie, we bring expert carpentry works at your doorsteps. Our services are provided all over UAE. The professionals are available on call to visit. We fix and install your movable furniture.

What do we Offer:

The Homegenie team is eager to serve you at best. We have a team of professionals for all your carpentry requirements. Whether you need a small carpentry work or a complete range of furniture solutions, we give you all. You can trust our men to deliver you a skilled workmanship. We also repair doors, windows, cupboards, almirah, etc. If you have some wall fixtures to be assembled, we do that too. You can consider Homegenie for all your furniture, fixtures, latch and bolt installation. We offer you testing, demo and post cleaning services as well. You can trust us for all maintenance work like regular cleaning and polishing. We assure you the best quality work at reasonable price. The standard price for one visit is AED 150. The visit is counted by 1.5 hours in total. This includes the traveling time and minor fixing done if required. If you have work which requires more than 1 hour, our expert will diagnose it first. He will give you a rough estimation for that. We get your work done only after your approval on pricing. Your approval will be taken before we buy any required parts and the time to visit for repairs will also be discussed with you.<br/>We request our customer to assist our team members to locate their addresses and provide the required issuances if any. Also, activate DEWA connection to find you easily. Book your request or call us. Homegenie is dedicated to serving you the best.