AC Duct Cleaning

AC ducts are prone to contaminants, because the coil becomes moist with condensation, and dust particles or construction remainders stick to the fins, causing a blockage in the air passageways. HomeGenie’s service partners provide thorough cleaning of the air ducts including, dismantling and disinfecting the whole system which is the evaporator coils, drainage trays, pipes and the ducts. At HomeGenie, we provide expert professionals for air conditioning service and AC duct cleaning services in Dubai. There are several advantages of this service such as reduced risk of indoor air pollution, protection from respiratory diseases, optimal usage of AC, to list a few.


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Live feed or images of the duct before cleaning,
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the air handler,
  • Cleaning and disinfection of indoor AC vents, diffusers and filters,
  • Cleaning air ducts using a high pressure cleaning and rotating brushing equipment,
  • Deodorize the duct and seal the soot present in the ducts,
  • Live feed or images of the duct after cleaning; and
  • Post service cleanup.


- No supply of material or parts included, - No repair work is included, - Residents to be away from home at the time and 4 hours after the service, - Customer to assist in getting access to community and location; and - DEWA connection to be active.

Price Details

Fixed Price Service

  • First Unit AED 525


What is included in duct cleaning work?

Our technicians will first inspect the parts of the AC and give you a live feed of the inside. When dust or mold is found, they will proceed to clean and disinfect the air handler followed by the indoor AC vents. Diffusers, filters and air ducts are cleaned using a high pressure cleaning and rotating brush equipment. Any debris is pumped outside your house. We will then deodorize the duct and seal any soot present to prevent further contamination. Finally a live feed of the inside will again be shown to ensure that the AC has been cleaned properly. For your safety we request you to stay away from your home during the cleaning.

What is the cost of the service?

The cost of inspection and cleanup of one AC unit is AED 750. This includes all the services mentioned above along with post service clean up and labor. Any additional AC units will cost an additional AED 750. There are no additional costs or discounts for Villa’s.

AC Services in Dubai, UAE

The AC air duct and hose are responsible for draining excess water to the outside of your home and giving you cool and clean air in your home. As the air in Dubai is very dry, so the chances of water accumulation or leakage are less. However, the dusty and sandy air that is filtered by the AC leaves a lot of debris stuck in the filters and the ducts. These can over time grow to clog your drain pipe and filter or cause molds. An unclean air duct can pose a serious issue to your health especially if the air you are breathing is not clean and contains contaminants and diseases. Regular AC duct cleaning will ensure that there is a reduced risk of air pollution and your AC is running and cooling at its optimum.

Common Reason to clean your AC Duct

1) Mold – If there is a substantial growth of mold inside the filter and duct system of your AC, then you should immediately have your ducts cleaned. Sometimes molds are externally visible, however, in some cases, they may be in a part that may be inaccessible to inspection. Home Genie will always do a live feed inspection of all the internal parts of your AC, to check the presence of molds.<br/>2) Duct have rodents or insects – In Dubai’s hot climate, more often than not, many vermin’s and insects make their home in the cool interiors of your AC. If this is the case, then immediately removal of these infestations will make sure that the air is clean and disease free. Chances of large infestations should be dealt with quickly.<br/>3) Debris – Ducts clogged with dust and debris is a common problem in Dubai. If this is so, then your AC might have trouble in cooling and will draw more power. Cleaning of AC filters can reduce this problem.<br/>Home Genie’s experts and technicians are well trained to handle any duct cleaning problems. Their advanced tools will give you live feeds of the debris or mold, then clean and disinfect them. Our technicians put your needs first and give you quick services to ensure that your AC is giving you clean, healthy air and cooling efficiently.<br/>Our service is different from others as we only use blowers and brushes to clean your duct and no chemical biocide. We put the safety of you and your pets and ensure that no debris or contaminants enter your home. Our services are provided irrespective of the system accessibility and size. We also clean any level of contamination of your AC system for no extra price.

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