AC Service

To enjoy a clean and trouble-free performance of your AC, it’s very important to get it serviced regularly, generally about 3 times a year. Whether it is an indoor or an outdoor unit for villas and apartment, you can rely on HomeGenie, to provide a thorough servicing of your AC in Dubai. At HomeGenie, we provide expert professionals for AC service and repair services in Dubai who can help prevent your AC systems from collecting dust and debris, allows proper cooling and keeps it in a good condition for years to come.


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Cleaning of indoor AC vents, diffusers and filters,
  • Cleaning of condensate pan and drain line,
  • Disinfection of evaporator filter.
  • Checking outdoor Fan Cooling Unit (FCU) and compressor,
  • Checking wiring, connections and capacitors
  • Checking gas level and top up, if required,
  • Checking thermostat functions; and
  • Post service cleanup.


- Cost of parts of materials not included. - Service does not include coil or duct cleaning as they are specialised services, offered separately. - No repair work is included, - Customer to assist in getting access to community and service location; and - DEWA connection to be active.

Price Details

Fixed Price Service

  • First Unit AED 150


What are some of the parts that are inspected during an AC service?

Key components of the AC like the compressor, fan motor, evaporator unit, condenser unit, thermostat and ducts and pipes are checked for any damage or fault by the technician during a servicing. If any fault is found, then the technician will suggest a repair or a replacement of the part

1) Cleaning of AC vents, diffusion and filters.

2) Cleaning of condensate pan and waste pan

3) Disinfection of filter and ducts.

4) Checking of compressor unit and outdoor Fan Unit

5) Checking coolant level and top up, if required

6) Checking thermostat function.

How much does an AC service cost?

The charge for inspection of one unit of AC is 175 AED. For additional units, the cost is 175 AED per unit. The cost for additional units in a villa is 50 AED. A standard inspection includes the servicing and diagnosis of a single AC unit and post service clean up. The cost of cleaning of coil and ducts are separate. The cost of additional parts is not included.

When is the best time to get my AC Serviced?

An AC should be serviced at least three times a year, and more often if it is an old one. The best time to do this would be before the onset of summer, after summer and sometimes in between.

AC Services in Dubai, UAE

In Dubai’s extreme heat, many people keep their ACs on for most of the day. Although ACs are meant to run for long hours but when they are used for more than half a day, there might be chances of tripping or other repairs. These repairs are caused due to heating of parts, friction between the parts and leakage of liquids within the AC. It is for this reason that it is advisable to get your AC checked up and serviced at least three times a year. A regular AC checkup will ensure that your AC is working fine and that there are no issues with the cooling or the quality of air.

AC service coverage areas:

Getting a servicing done to your AC is nothing but overall verification of its parts. The parts that are generally checked are –<br/>1) Air Filter – An unclean air filter is the cause of many AC related problems. It is advised to clean you filter once every few months. If an air filter is dirty, it will prevent a proper supply of clean air to the AC. This, in turn, might cause water leakage, improper cooling or other issues like noise.<br/>2) Condenser cleaning – The condenser is responsible for supplying cool air. It consists of a condenser fan and a filter. If the fan is bent or if it has dust and mold accumulation, then the AC will not cool properly, and the air will not be healthy. The fan might also rub against the body of the condenser causing noise.<br/>3) Drain cleaning and leakage check – The drain takes any excess drainage water and disposes of outside. If the drain is damaged or has holes in it, it will cause a leakage. Holes in the pipes will also cause leakage.<br/>Home Genie’s technician are well equipped to deal with any AC related issue. Their professional services range from AC repair and servicing which helps prevent your AC from breaking down due to dust, debris, fan problems and other allows for proper cooling for years to come. Our technicians make sure that your AC should give clean, healthy and cool air.

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